your AI-powered personal pronunciation coach


Who would you like to speak like?

We propose an AI-powered language coach that listens to the learner’s speech pattern and creates a personalised set of exercises to improve pronunciation, just like the ones used by the leading Hollywood accent coaches. But instead of teaching you to speak a standard American accent, we ask you: Who do you want to sound like? With our app, learners can choose a star they like, and watch clips from their most famous movies. They can then rewatch the clips with their own voice dubbed in, play out a scene with their friends online, or share clips on social media to become a star themselves!


Who We Are

We are a young and diverse group of learning designers with a shared purpose of helping English language learners build confidence through pronunciation training. At fyvo, we believe everyone should have fun and keep track of their progress while learning. But most importantly, our mission is to help everyone find their own voice. 

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